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Zika Carriers Found in Texas

April 9, 2016 - Jthompson

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Carriers of the Zika virus, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, can be found particularly in the south and southeast portions of Texas, in urban areas.

While there is no evidence of local transmission by Texas mosquitoes, state health officials have implemented Zika virus prevention plans in anticipation of the potential of local mosquito transmission and increased activity.


Avoid outbreaks. Travelers, when able, should avoid known locations of epidemic disease transmission. Find updates on regional disease transmission patterns and outbreaks (www.cdc.gov/travel).

Be aware of peak exposure places and times. Mosquitoes bite at any time of day and night.  Place matters; ticks and chiggers are often found in grasses, woodlands, or other vegetated areas. Local guides may be available to point out areas with increased activity.

Wear appropriate clothing. Minimize areas of exposed skin.  Tucking shirts in, and wearing closed shoes instead of sandals may reduce risk. For added protections, Repellents or insecticides can be applied.

Check for ticks. Inspect clothing for ticks during outdoor activity. Prompt removal of attached ticks can prevent some infections. Showering within 2 hours of being in a tick-infested area reduces the risk of some tickborne diseases.

Insecticides and spatial repellents. Insecticides and repellent products should always be used with caution, avoiding direct inhalation of spray or smoke.




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